Heavy Billiards Slate Safety

The best way to get a pool table moved is by hiring a professional pool table moving company to do the job for you. The crew over at Cincinnati Pool Table Movers was very helpful in explaining how to move a pool table. The first question that you may be asked when trying to hire a pool table mover is what size pool table that you have. It’s a simple question, however, some of us may not be able to answer that question. The good news is that it is easy to find out. Just measure the width of the pool table from the inside of the rail across to the opposite inside rail. This measurement will tell you what size pool table you have. If you pool table measures:

39 inches or 40 inches across then you have a 7 foot pool table.

44 inches and it’s an Eight Foot Table aka Standard Size

46 inch across equals a Pro Eight Foot Pool Table

and a 50 incher is a Nine Foot Tournament Size Pool Table

Safely Move That Heavy Slate

Slate bed pool tables are very popular amongst pool enthusiasts that are serious. A slate bed table is a pool table which has a slate playing surface, which is currently called the most effective kind of playing surface accessible. Not all pool tables have a slate playing surface. The advantages is the table will provide to get a much more pleasing encounter as well as the balls will run more easily.

pool_table_slate_cincinnatiSlate is the slate bed pool a metamorphic rock, which includes many uses. It’s used in buildings (like roof tiles) as well in terms of building goals as a result of the reality it’s fireproof. It self’s thermal equilibrium has meant that can be employed to find the highest quality billiard tables (snooker and pool tables). Slate pool table beds are made since the 1800’s from slate. Slate will be more often than not used by a high quality billiard table . No better replacement was discovered to slate.

Slate usually comes from Italy where it’s quarried in the subterranean. Holes are created in piles, which are subsequently made bigger to let machinery to enter. Slate taken out as well as is subsequently cut out. Yet the procedure will not finish here. For the purposes the slate subsequently takes many phases before it form the bed and could be totally level.

Intelligibly, slate bed tables tend to be higher priced than non-slate tables whether in the USA or Great Britain. Yet pool enthusiast for that matter or any serious pool player will be better off investing in a slate bed pool table. The playing experience that is great make sure the balls consistently run easily on the surface in the the straightest. The fact there is a playing surface made of slate can continue and may also make sure it is of extraordinary quality, contrary to other surfaces which often grow faults after substantial use.

Slate pool tables come in most sizes, from all the way up to 9ft., 6ft, 7ft, 8ft and 5 feet In addition they come in various shapes and layouts. Choosing the table is always difficult. Your budget may also play a variable – themselves range in the hundreds to the thousands. In most cases, slate bed tables aren’t the economical alternative – although they differ significantly in costs within themselves. Yet there’s no replacement for quality that is great. Usually, the better you get as with other goods, the further you pay. Getting a pricey slate bed pool table means that you will be getting a betters specification and other advantages than getting a cheap one.

Any serious pool enthusiast simply speaking, fanatic or player should want to have their hands. These supply the finest playing surfaces as discussed. In addition, you will not be short of choices. Slate bed tables differ in layouts, sizes and costs. Then look no farther, if you would like a quality playing experience.

Safety On The Side Of The Road

Staying safe while traveling is an important factor and it always has been. There are entire organizations like AAA that are dedicated to the support of safe travel. While travel is supposed to be fun and relaxing getting stuck on the side of the road will inspire just the opposite – panic and anxiety.

While traveling will free your soul and entertain and educate the family getting stuck tends to bring out the worst in most of us. Having a triple a membership eases that pain and frustration but it doesn’t give us a free ticket to avoid all the pain of landing roadside without a paddle. So what can you do to prepare for some thing that shouldn’t happen often but is bound to happen once in a while?

As any boy scout while tell you… be prepared. It’s good to have a few things in the trunk for emergencies. First of all a simple roadside assistance kit will provide you with simple things like road flares or reflective triangles. A decent road side emergency kit will also have some simple tools that may help you out in a bind, for example, a good roadside assistance kit will have a wrench to help loosen or tighten your car batteries terminal connectors and a special battery terminal brush to clean corrosion that builds up on the terminals and interferes with the electrical connection between your car’s battery and the rest of the electrical system. Your emergency kit will also have tools like an adjustable wrench, a small universal screwdriver set, and pliers, at the very least. Don’t forget to carry a gallon of water with you, it doesn’t need to be a high quality brand of water but check to make sure that the container is BPA free because studies have shown that plastic made with BPA has a tendency to leak toxins into your water under extreme heat, as would happen when a gallon of water is stored inside a truck.

road side assistance

In short be prepared for a break down because they’re going to happen. Get yourself a good road emergency kit and hope for the best. Keep the name and phone number of a good tow truck company to call on when you need them. The San Diego Towing Network is a great resource and tow provider to get towing in San Diego, California and they also offer the finest towing Chula Vista has when it comes to fast service. Another great service they provide is lock out services they really do delivery the best auto locksmith San Diego has around. Get more San Diego traffic and freeway info at the 511 website.

Moving Safety

safety stand downSafety Should Be A Reflex

Having safety on the forefront of your workers minds should be a priority. Why you say. Simple because staying in business means staying profitable and staying profitable includes managing costs and managing costs includes managing risks and managing risks includes… you got it safety. More importantly safety training and not just a safety stand down every six months, all that really produces is a decrease in productivity for the missing day of work.

Physically Demanding Jobs – Movers

There are many physically demanding jobs out there but movers are among the top of the charts. Physically handling heavy furniture and boxes all day every day takes a toll and the back and the body as a whole. Not to mention that they have to hold that stuff that hey are moving very tightly controlled lest they punch a hole in the wall of the house or apartment that they are moving the goods into or out of. That could get ugly quick.

Pool Table Movers – A High Risk Safety Position

More specifically talking we have professional pool table movers. These are skilled professionals that provide a moving service specifically for businesses and private owners of pool tables. These pool table can often weigh in the 1500lb to 2000lb pound limits and can be easily damaged if not handled by a pro billiards service. We we’re very fortunate to interview some of the very skilled people from key players in the billiards industry from around the southwest and surprisingly they have a very low rate of injuries inside this tight knit community of professional billiards service providers. What we found is that they do not have “official” sit down training for safety, they don’t even have traditional training to become a pool table mover, it’s all passed on through on the job training. We were able to extrapolate  this very same key info from different companies like Pool Table Movers Los Angeles CA, Pool Table Movers Houston TX, and Pool Table Movers Las Vegas NV. For a closer look at the billiards industry visit http://billiardeducation.org/

This leads us to believe that they is a very powerful method that most companies are not taking advantage of and that is the power of oral one on one training and mentoring. There is no amount of classroom training or training manual rules that are going to provide better training that that of a person that has years of experience and personal “close calls” while on the job, you just can’t beat that.

Pool Table Movers In San Diego On YouTube

Who Oversees Safety

Agencies that Protect the Workforce


US Department Of LaborThere are three Department of Labor (DOL) agencies that have the job of administering and enforcing laws that have been put in place to protect the safety and health of employees in the workforce.


  • OSHA-Occupational Safety & Health Administration – their role is to do the following:


○      administers the OSH Act

○      regulate health and safety conditions in many private industries


OSHA handles most of the enforcement and administration of the OSH Act in states that are under federal jurisdiction, but some states are also responsible for this task under the guidance of OSHA.


  • Mine Safety and Health Administration


○      Primary job is to enforce the Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977 to protect those who work in the country’s mines.

○      The Act is applicable to all mining and mineral companies regardless of the method of extraction they use or the number of employees they have.


  • The Fair Labor Standards Act


○      This act sets restrictions for employment, including age, length of work days, and even the jobs that may be performed by those under the age of 18.


Most companies will be affected by one or more of these agencies based on their industry and the people they hire. Any new business owner or manager is required to learn the laws and regulations for federal compliance as well as any state regulations that must be followed. For instance, if they hire minors, they must be aware of the limits for work and what jobs they cannot perform.

States may set even stricter laws for the employment of minors. They set the minimum age of employment that can vary from 14 or even younger in certain cases to 16 or 18 years of age. Before hiring anyone under the age of 18, it is important to know the limitations to protect your company from serious consequences.

Importance Of Basic Life Support Training

The same agencies that oversee and monitor workplace safety also install mandatory life saving certification for certain key positions that are held in different industries.  The importance of BLS for healthcare providers should not be overlooked. Although it is not a requirement for many industry positions it has benefit for all. Not only does it empower employees with basic life saving skills in an emergency situation it also provides an atmosphere and culture of trust and security among management and workers.  Make CPR first aid certification a first priority when it comes to basic safety and procedure infrastructure for your business.

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